Less than 50% of Businesses Can Detect IoT Device Breaches

The biggest concern of our lives increasingly being turned out to the Internet of Things is that it leaves us more and more open to data breaches. If you weren’t aware of that, you’re not alone, as less than fifty percent of businesses can detect IoT device breaches.

The Business of Device Breaches

A Dutch software firm, Gemalto, shows that only forty-eight percent of businesses throughout the world can detect if their IoT devices are experiencing a breach.

950 IT and business decision makers throughout the world were surveyed. The results showed that organizations want government to get involved to solve the data breach problem. 79% are asking for vigorous guidelines for IoT security and 59% are just looking for clarification of who could be responsible for protecting IoT devices in the case of a data breach.

While there are many governments that have ratified or introduced regulations specifically for IoT security, 95% of them would like to see a uniform regulation set.

The CTO of data protection at Gemalto, Jason Hart, said, “Given the increase in the number of IoT-enabled devices, it’s extremely worrying to see that businesses still can’t detect if they have been breached.

“With no consistent regulation guiding the industry, it’s no surprise the threats — and in turn, vulnerability of businesses — are increasing. This will only continue unless government steps in now to help industry avoid losing control.”

Cyber-attacks on connected vehicles are a concern as well. Karamba Security reported that nearly 300,000 of these vehicles are cyber attacked every month and reported eleven different attack types. They have a ThreatHive solution that has a goal to find the vulnerabilities through “honeypots” before they happen in real cars. It’s expected that those types of attacks will only increase with more autonomous and connected vehicles.


All of these stats, of course, make sense. Vulnerabilities and attacks are only going to continue, but businesses need to be aware of that. The more new and interesting areas of technology we delve into, the more possibility there will be for nefarious people to destroy it.

Did you realize there was such potential for data breaches in IoT devices? Give us your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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