Top Smart Devices For A Smart Nursery

Must Haves For A Smart Nursery

A nursery isn’t just a mobile, a changing table, and a crib anymore. Instead, it could be the smartest room in your house. All you need is the right devices to transform your standard nursery into a smart nursery.

From monitoring your baby to helping them sleep better, there’s a gadget for nearly everything. Okay, so there isn’t anything to automatically change dirty diapers, but hopefully, someone’s working on that right now.

4moms mamaRoo4 Infant Seat

Wish you could take a break from constantly rocking, bouncing, or even driving your little one around the block to help them sleep better? Every smart nursery needs the 4moms mamaRoo4 Infant Seat.

Must Haves For A Smart Nursery 4momma

Control the movements from your smartphone or on the seat itself. It mimics five real motions, such as rocking, car ride, and wave. It also has five speeds for the perfect soothing set for your baby. It’s even MP3 compatible to play relaxing sounds.

There’s also a bassinet by the same company that offers similar movements to aid in deeper sleep.

Sense-U Breathing Movement Monitor

It’s hard to monitor your baby 24/7. However, if you’re worried about the risk for SIDS, you might rest more peacefully with the Sense-U Breathing Movement Monitor. The small sensor clips securely and comfortably on your baby’s diaper.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Senseu

You then use the companion app to see your baby’s breathing, temperature, and when they roll over onto their stomach. You’ll even get a notification immediately if there’s no abdominal movement for a set period.

Hatch Baby Rest+ Sound Machine and Time to Rise Clock

The best smart nursery gadgets combine multiple devices into one to save you money and space. The Hatch Baby Rest+ Sound Machine and Time to Rise Clock combines a soft glowing nightlight, time to rise clock, and a sound machine.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Hatch

Use your phone to choose from different colors. Adjust the settings to use light and color cues to signal when to sleep and wake up. Also, play natural sounds that help your baby drift off to sleep faster. As a final feature, there’s also a two-way audio monitor to let you check on your baby remotely.

Owlet Smart Sock

A sock may not seem like a smart nursery device, but the Owlet Smart Sock isn’t a normal sock. Slip the sock with its built-in sensor onto your baby to monitor their breathing, sleep, and heart rate. It’s a simple, yet useful device to help prevent SIDS.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Sock

Check data from the companion app. The base station continues to glow green as long as everything’s okay. If anything drops below safe numbers, you’re alerted with both sounds and lights immediately.

BlueSmart mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor

The BlueSmart mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor is perfect if you need to keep track of how much your baby eats. It’s much more effective than trying to log everything by hand. The sensor fits most every baby bottle and sends feeding data directly to your smartphone.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Feeding

While it can’t track breastfeeding unless you pump, the sensor attaches directly to baby bottles to track feeding data no matter who is feeding the baby. Track how much they eat, what angle worked best, how long they ate, milk temperature, and more. If your doctor wants to track feedings, this is the easiest way to do so.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa offers two smart thermometers – one for ears and one that works in the mouth, underarm, and rectum. Both are suitable to use with babies, though the ear variety might be easier to use. The best part is you can keep using Kinsa’s thermometer as your child grows.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Kinsa

Not only does the companion app track temperature data, but it also provides guidance on what to do. Track any medications to get reminders on when to give your baby medicine. Fun animations keep toddlers and older children entertained during the process.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

While most any baby monitor will work in your nursery to keep an eye on your baby, if you want a smart nursery, the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor is one of the smartest baby monitors around.

Must Haves For A Smart Nurse Nanit

Mount the camera in the best location and get a bird’s eye view of your baby. Not only can you watch and hear your baby, but the monitor tracks sleep data to give you more insights, such as quality of sleep, how many visits you made during the night, time asleep, and when your baby woke up. You’ll even get professional insights to improve any issues.

You get free video storage and monitoring insights for free for the first year. This gives you a full year to make sure the monitor is right for your needs. It’s also Alexa-enabled to make it easier to control.

Along with having a smart nursery to raise a healthy, amazing baby, you can also check out these smart devices for a child’s toys room.

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