Use Google Nest Aware for Added Home Security

Using Google Nest Aware For Added Home Security

Google wants to help you with home security without the need to buy more devices. As long as you already have a Google or Nest smart speaker, you already have all the equipment you need: a monitoring subscription to listen for unusual sounds. It’s a useful feature of the Google Nest Aware plan.

Google Nest Aware Plan

The Google Nest Aware Plan offers the most benefits if you have a Nest camera. Part of the plan is storing video footage for thirty or sixty days, depending on the level of your subscription. However, a speaker is sufficient for the sound detection feature, which we’ll cover in a moment.

The plan includes several key features, including:

  • Intelligent alerts – based on both audio and video
  • Set specific activity zones for alerts
  • Create clips from your video history
  • See event history for thirty (Nest Aware Plan) to sixty days (Nest Aware Plus Plan)
  • See 10 days of 24/7 video footage (Nest Aware Plus Plan only)

The plan works with all Nest cameras, displays, and speakers. This includes Google Home speakers as Google now owns Nest.

Before subscribing to any of the plans, you will need to migrate your Nest account to Google. Google has created a FAQ page to guide you in how to do this and how to manage your plan as you go from a Nest user to a Google Nest user.

Nest Aware Sound Detection Feature

While you’re probably used to video monitoring, the Google Nest Aware Plan offers something more: sound detection. Even if you only have speakers and don’t have a camera, you’ll still get alerts about unusual sounds.

Using Google Nest Aware For Added Home Security Broken Window

For example, if your speaker hears glass breaking, a door banging when you’re not at home, or the smoke detector going off, you’ll receive an alert. The great part is that even if you don’t have a smart smoke detector or an alarm system, you’ll still get an alert even if you’re not home.

This gives you more control over your home’s security. For instance, if you’re on vacation and receive an alert about breaking glass, you can call the police to check on your home.

You can sign up for a free thirty-day trial of the Google Nest Aware Plan if you’re just moving from a first-gen Nest device.

If you’re ready to try sound detection alerts, open the Google Home app and choose “Settings” from the menu. You’ll need to already be subscribed to the Nest Aware plan for the next step, or you’ll be prompted to sign up.

Select “Nest Aware” from Settings. Select “Sound Detection.” Choose your settings and which devices should listen. Your devices will then start listening for unusual sounds.

Nest Aware Intelligent Alerts

Nest Aware Intelligent Alerts instantly help keep your home more secure. While sound is part of that, video is the other part.

If you have a Nest camera, you’ll receive alerts based on individuals and animals. For instance, you may get an alert at work if your dog starts barking at home or enters a room where you’ve set up an activity zone to monitor activity.

It’s important to note that you can adjust which alerts you get in the Nest App and Google Home App. You’ll also get alerts when familiar faces arrive at your door, packages are delivered, and when strangers are at your door or in your home.

Reviewing Alerts

You don’t have to take the Google Nest Aware Plan at its word when you get an alert. Instead, you’ll be sent a video or sound clip to review with the alert. For example, you may get an alert about glass breaking, but when you listen, you hear an “uh-oh” in the background and realize the babysitter knocked something over and broke it.

Using Google Nest Aware For Added Home Security Review Sounds

After reviewing the clip, you can then decide whether to take action or ignore it. It’s a good idea to have a trusted neighbor you can call to check on things if you suspect something may be wrong. Or, if something looks or sounds too suspicious, call the local authorities. The important thing is keeping you and your home safer.

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