How IoT Helps the Delivery Business

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The Internet of Things is poised to help a lot of companies and businesses do their job better. One of the industries looking forward to developing new IoT technologies is the world of deliveries. From getting an expensive item from one country to another to getting the pizza to your door nice and hot, all areas of delivery can benefit from IoT developments.

What can be done to enhance delivery systems further with IoT?

Better Routes for Drivers

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We’re already seeing IoT play a role in helping drivers get to their destination faster. This will only improve with time, as traffic lights beam their status to the cars on the road and inform them of their schedules. Smart GPS systems can then notify the user of the best route to take, which includes traffic statistics and the lights. This would increase the chance of a “green wave” when you meet nothing but green lights during your drive.

As such, with the introduction of IoT, we should see delivery drivers arrive faster and with more efficiency than before. With a smart computer telling them the fastest route with all factors considered, the most optimal route in any given delivery will always be selected.

Better Package Tracking

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Even the most patient person will struggle to wait patiently when an important package is on the way! If you can’t resist clicking refresh on the tracking information, the world of IoT may make your habits a little easier to control.

At the moment, delivery tracking is mainly constrained to what depot the package is currently sitting in. This is due to how packages are scanned in at each checkpoint, reporting its status back to the tracker.

What if we made the trucks that carry the packages smart, too? What if they could not only register when your package was put into its cargo hold, but could also relay information about its position and traffic directly to you, so you can watch your delivery occur in real time?

There are some services that already provide this level of detail, but as delivery companies adopt the IoT space more, we may see this as a standard instead of a luxury!

Better Storage

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Speaking of keeping track of parcels, what better way to monitor what’s in store than with IoT? With automatic scanners and cameras keeping an eye on the shelves, people loading and unloading trucks can query the system to see where each delivery is, where it’s going, and an optimal truck loading pattern to maximize speed.

Delivering the Goods

The world of IoT can potentially change the face of many businesses, and delivery companies are no different. By using superior tracking and tracing technology, they can get packages to customers faster than ever before. What’s more, the customers themselves can see the package moving in real-time, so they know when it’s about to arrive at their door!

Do you think IoT will change the way we order and receive packages? Let us know below.

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