Google to Push “Android TV” IoT Device

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Did you know that Google has an Android TV service? We’re not talking about Chromecast. We’re discussing the actual Android TV operating system that’s used to power televisions.

You’d be forgiven if you haven’t heard of it, as it’s been relatively under the radar. However, Google wishes to change that by bringing its popular Google Nest line and Android TV together.

What Will Happen?

Android is a popular smartphone and tablet operating system, but the same can’t be said for the television line. This has allowed rival companies to produce Over The Top (OTT) devices such as the Roku and Amazon Fire.

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Google has decided to strike back with its own OTT device. The best offering it has right now is the Chromecast, but it depends on another gadget giving it instructions to connect. A true OTT device can connect to the Internet by itself to perform tasks, like an Amazon Fire stick.

This new device is aiming to be a replacement for the Chromecast, doing everything it can do and more. For example, much like the Chromecast, this device will receive casting requests from other sources and display them on-screen.

However, due to it being an OTT device, it will also be controllable. Google wants this new service to provide access to popular video streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

On top of that, it also wants it to integrate cleanly into a Nest smart home. This includes making voice commands via Google Assistant so you can load movies and TV shows with just your voice.

Finally, it’s rumored that Google will rebrand the service. It will change from “Android TV” to “Google TV,” presumably to better match Google Nest’s naming convention and separate it from the Android phone and tablet line.

A Potential New Smart Home Staple?

There are mixed feelings with this announcement from Google. On one hand, Google is coming in quite late to the OTT race, with Roku and Amazon’s offerings having plenty of time to become established within people’s homes.

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On the other hand, Google’s smart home offerings have been very popular. People have flocked to Google Nest hubs and speakers as the main competitors of Amazon’s Alexa service. As such, if using this new device is as simple as plugging it into a USB port, Nest users will be quick to adopt this new technology to add their television to their smart home network.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there’s no news on how much the device will cost. If we look at Google’s intention to take on Amazon, however, it’s reasonable to expect it to be around the same price as the Fire.

Google on Your TV

While its a little late to the race, Google has its sights set on developing a rival to Roku and Amazon’s OTT devices. Much is stills unknown; however, it will be compatible with Google Nest devices and will accept voice commands.

If you can’t wait for this new gadget, you can still turn an old TV into a smart one using Chromecast.

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