4 of the Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Your Cat or Dog

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You and your house may be smart, but your pets can’t feed themselves even in this day and age. Thankfully, while you can’t make your dog smarter, you can enhance the bowl they eat from. By using the latest in IoT technology, you can feed your pets from anywhere in the world.

Here are the four best automatic pet feeders for your cat or dog.

1. WOPET SmartFeeder

First up, we have the WOPET SmartFeeder. This feeder is designed to not lock the user out of the feeding process regardless of where they are. While you can set it to go off automatically and leave it alone, you also have the option to manually activate the feeder via the app.

Pet Feeders Wopet

The feeder has two trays of different sizes to fit the needs of your pet. It can also work on both iOS and Android, so you need not worry whether the app is compatible with your phone. You can monitor your pet using the built-in camera and interact with them using the two-way microphone. You can even upload cute moments you catch directly to social media!

2. PETKIT Smart Feed Automatic Feeder

If you’re worried about your internet dying during your break, try the PETKIT Smart Feed Automatic Feeder. Once it’s set up, it doesn’t require an active connection to the Internet to operate. If your network drops out while you’re away, the PETKIT will continue to do its job, so your pets aren’t left waiting!

Pet Feeders Petkit

The app also connects you to a community of users who also use the PETKIT. This allows you to get advice on how to best use the feeder and learn how other people feed their pets. Do note, however, that the product is designed specifically for cats and small dogs, so take this into account if you’re buying it for a canine friend.

3. Orita 12 Meals SmartFeeder

The Orita 12 Meals SmartFeeder is not cheap, but it is packed full of features. For example, you can either set it to feed your pets automatically, or you can manually connect and activate it yourself.

Pet Feeders Orita

It also has a night-vision camera, so you can keep tabs on your furry friends regardless of the time. If you need to encourage them over, you can use the two-way sound system to entice them. If you can’t get online in time for their feeding, you can record a small message that plays when food is ready.

4. Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder

For a more cost-effective pet feeder, try the Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder. It’s not as flashy or big as the others, but its low price gives you a budget-friendly way to feed your pets while you’re on a short trip.

Pet Feeders Iseebiz

The Iseebiz can also use a few batteries as an alternate power supply. That way, should a power cut occur, the feeder will still deposit its food and not leave your pets waiting for long. It also uses an IR detector to double-check how much food is being dispensed to prevent overfeeding.

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

While pets are a long way away from getting their own food, there’s nothing stopping you from making their food dispenser smarter. With these four options, there’s a little something for everyone; from the money-conscious buyer to the eager enthusiast.

Which feeder is your favorite? Let us know below!

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