Are Smartwatches Worth It in 2020?

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There is little question that smartwatches have proved themselves as great pieces of technology. Having access to huge swaths of information on tiny screens has shown what is possible for the future. However, that does not mean a smartwatch is for everyone. For Android users, in particular, there are almost too many smartwatches to choose from which can lead to bad purchase decisions. In the case of Apple users, there are numerous watches that “work”, but none do anything nearly as well as the Apple Watch. So, are smartwatches worth buying in 2020? Let’s find out.

State of the Smartwatch Union

Are Smartwatches Worth It Icons

If you went back in time ten years and told yourself that in ten years you would be able to make a phone call from your wrist, you would think that was crazy talk. At the time, it was. That was then and this is now. Apple, the clear smartwatch leader with almost half of the current market, has sold tens of millions of its Apple Watch. Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin have also sold millions of smartwatches, and there is nothing but growth expected in the future. Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit is only like to fuel competition in this market space. The writing is on the wall: smartwatches are here to stay.

Smartwatches Make You Healthier

Do you absolutely positively need a smartwatch in 2020? Of course not. The answer to that is decidedly no. But before you stop reading right here, most people do not need a smartphone either, so the answer is not so black and white. One group that would definitely argue in favor of smartwatches in 2020 are health-conscious individuals.

Are Smartwatches Worth It Heart Rate

Wrist-based heart rate monitoring has become an essential smartwatch tool and in some cases a lifesaver. Apple touts this feature as one of the most important aspects of Apple Watch ownership. For good reason, the ECG monitor (electrocardiogram) has been the critical feature that has led many buyers to take the smartwatch plunge. With numerous other devices adding this feature and touting it heavily, more lives will be saved in the future.

Similarly health-focused, sleep tracking has come a long way since the advent of the smartwatch. Increased accuracy derived from the smartwatch has helped countless people who have trouble sleeping or who just need better sleep. Nearly every smartwatch available today either has this feature built in or available via a downloadable third-party application.

Last but not least of the top health-based reasons to own a smartwatch is fitness tracking. Fitness trackers have been around for a long time but have become far more mainstream with the smartwatch. Everything from running and cycling to roller skating can be tracked via a smartwatch. With dozens of models available with a built-in cellular connection, you do not even need your smartphone any more to track activities.

Extras that Make Your World Easier

Okay, so we have identified that for health reasons, a smartwatch can be an invaluable asset in 2020. Are there any other reasons that a smartwatch can help your life? Of course there are.

Reasons include everything from smart notifications for emails, calls, messages and more without ever looking at your phone. Getting a call during a meeting? Don’t look at your smartphone. Quickly glance at your watch and remember to call or respond later. How about managing music? A smartwatch can adjust volume, and switch tracks and stations all with a press on the smartwatch screen. It is so straightforward, it is almost painless.

Are Smartwatches Worth It Apple Watch

Let us not forget that a smartwatch can be used as a payment tool as well. Want to use Samsung, Android or Apple Pay? Leave your phone at home and just scan your wrist. Is it a critical feature? Of course not. Try it a few times and then see if you want to go back to anything else.

Not for Everyone

A smartwatch is clearly not for everyone. Is it worth it in 2020? Absolutely. Smartwatches have come down in price significantly since they first launched. Previous Apple Watch models are frequently on sale with heavy discounts making price a non-existent barrier to ownership. For the non-Apple crowd, budget-friendly smartwatches can start under $100. That’s far less than the price of a premium watch.

Are Smartwatches Worth It Samsung Galaxy Active

Of course, that is the real point here. If you want a premium watch and are willing to pay for a premium watch, a smartwatch likely is not for you. Want something on your wrist just to tell time? Then a smartwatch is not for you. Would you prefer to have fewer notifications on a daily basis than more? Then a smartwatch is not for you.


Stop questioning whether or not a smartwatch is worth it in 2020. The answer is unequivocally yes. The health benefits alone make it worth it. That you can be healthier and help find another reason to leave your smartphone alone is all the reason you need to grab one. In fact, run out now and grab one during the holidays. There is unquestionably a sale going on somewhere.

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