Yobi B3 Introduces New HomeKit Doorbell

Yobi B3 Introduces Homekit Doorbell

Yobi B3 offers HomeKit users something they’ve been waiting for – an affordable smart doorbell that’s managed completely with the Home app. It offers many of the same features as other popular doorbells, but it’s made specifically for iOS users. This means it’s compatible with your HomeKit system.

Sleek Style for Any Home

The Yobi B3 looks similar to many other smart doorbells. The black and gold design looks good against any door frame and home. It’s also weather resistant, so it works well whether it’s a nice, clear day or raining.

Yobi B3 Introduces Homekit Doorbell Installed

With a design that’s not much bigger than your hand, it won’t take up much space. However, it may help deter criminals when they notice the camera above the doorbell button itself.

Easy Installation

Depending on how comfortable you are installing a wired doorbell, you may or may not find the installation easy. However, instructions are included on how to wire Yobi B3 using your existing doorbell, if you have one.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to deal with pesky wires. A quick call to your local electrician, and your new doorbell will be installed and ready to set up.

Use the Home App for Everything

Unlike most smart home devices, there isn’t a separate app for setting up or managing the doorbell. Embracing HomeKit compatibility, you manage everything, including the setup, directly from the Home app.

Yobi B3 Introduces Homekit Doorbell Homekit

Of course, you’ll need some type of HomeKit hub at home to view and manage your doorbell remotely. You’ll need a HomePod, Apple TV, or dedicated iPad at home. However, this is true with all devices you plan to manage as part of your HomeKit system.

Smart Features

Yobi B3 Introduces Homekit Doorbell Close Up

You don’t have to give up any features by choosing a HomeKit-only doorbell. In fact, Yobi B3 provides everything you may expect, such as:

  • 180-degree wide view and 124-degree vertical view
  • 1080p HD video
  • PIR motion sensors
  • Adjustable video angle during setup
  • Live video feed
  • Smart notifications
  • Two-way talk
  • Night vision
  • Backlight to better view faces

If you want to run your home exclusively with the Home app, Yobi is the smart option, as it includes all the standard smart doorbell features but is managed exclusively through the Home app.

When first installing the doorbell, you may want to adjust the camera angle a little to ensure you’re getting the widest area possible. After all, you don’t want to point the camera too low and miss seeing everyone’s faces or angle it too far from your door.

Smart notifications let you know not only when someone rings your doorbell but when a person is standing around your door. The sensors are able to tell the difference between a person and an animal so that you don’t get false alerts.

Available for Pre-Order

Yobi B3 is currently available on Kickstarter for pre-order. The project hasn’t been fully funded yet, so if you’re interested, pre-order before July 3, 2020. If the project reaches its $15,000 goal, doorbells will start shipping in July. The good news is doorbell will retail for $199.99 to $229 upon release. However, there are several early-bird specials that let you buy it for as much as $70 less.

According to the Kickstarter details, Yobi doesn’t have any immediate plans for paid security video storage. However, this may be a feature offered later on.

Will you be supporting Yobi or opting for a doorbell that’s currently on the market?

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