UK Government Releases £400k for IoT Security Development

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As IoT spreads into every corner of our lives, its security is of utmost importance. We’re slowly giving IoT more and more permission to enter our lives. From home security systems to business analysis programs, we’re exploring more IoT security development.

Governments around the world are setting up plans to protect their businesses and citizens from the threat of IoT hacking. In late May, the UK government announced it’s distributing a pot of £400,000 to help develop standards for IoT security.

What Will the Funding Help?

One current problem with IoT’s security is the lack of a standard. There currently isn’t any real set bar that defines what a secure device is. As such, developers releasing IoT products may oversee faults that are later exploited by hackers.

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There are several methods that organizations have used to combat the flaws in IoT security. The first is to make laws in the country that force developers to do certain things or implement certain features. This ensures every product on the shelf carries said features.

The second is for a larger company to offer an IoT platform. These do all the hard work for developers. They offer a secure way to communicate to the cloud and to other devices which developers can use in their products to ensure a fundamental level of privacy is kept.

The UK’s recent funding, however, will help with a third way. It will allow for the development of schemes which will will allow IoT developers to submit their devices to them. For example, if a developer wants to prove that their device is secure, they can allow an independent regulator put it through its paces and award it upon successful completion.

These schemes are useful, as they help all the people in the IoT retail chain. Developers can get a certificate that proves that their product meets desirable standards. Retailers can keep an eye out for products that passed the scheme to ensure they won’t sell insecure products. Consumers can then keep an eye out for a seal of approval to better guide their purchasing choices.

As such, while they may not be as binding as laws, these schemes are an affordable way to create a web of trust among the IoT world. From the people who make the devices to those who purchase them, everyone can rest assured that the device meets certain standards.

A New Guiding Force in IoT

The development of IoT schemes is a highly interesting trend. It shows that there’s another option that isn’t as harsh as laws and isn’t as submissive as being forced to use someone else’s IoT platform. Now, developers can create their own security measures, if they desire; as long as it passes the scheme’s tests.

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As for what schemes will appear over time, we’ll have to see. When that happens. However, it’s likely that a few of them will rise to the top as a true ‘mark of quality,’ which will help consumers buy better products.

A New Level of Trust

With IoT security in dire need of safety nets, solutions are springing up from all sources. This IoT security development from the UK government is interesting, as it allows developers to maintain full control over security and earn their stripes for themselves.

If you want to see what else governments are doing to protect their citizens, be sure to read about the laws the UK set for IoT devices.

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