Selfie Drone Takes the Work Out of Picture-Taking

Selfie sticks can make things a lot easier when taking those pictures of yourself or a group at a special time. But it could be even easier with a selfie drone that leaves you with nothing to do but “say cheese.” If you’re looking for a little help taking pictures for Christmas, read on, as the Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying 4K Drone is already on the market.

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying 4K Drone

Not surprisingly, this selfie drone is the winner of three separate awards: Red Hot Design, IF Design, and CES awards for its design that has it being like you have a personal photographer following you around.

It’s as easy to carry as a selfie stick, only weighing in around a half a pound. You just need to unfold the device that fits in your hand, put it in the air, and the drone will take it from there. It finds you via facial recognition and follows you while taking pictures or video, no matter your movement or distance traveled.


The Hover Camera Passport is very light, weighing about half a pound yet protected in the case of collisions by carbon fiber casing. The battery will last for ten minutes of flight and camera time.


This selfie drone definitely seems futuristic, like something we shouldn’t have available to us yet. Drones are being introduced to do so many different things that are helpful to us, such as making deliveries, and employing the facial recognition to follow you seems advanced.

But the one disappointment is that the battery only lasts for ten minutes. Of course it only weighs in at half a pound, so maybe to make the battery last longer would give it too much heft.

Is a selfie drone something you would entertain to eliminate the need for carrying around a selfie stick? Or does this just seem too vain to you? Let us know what you think of the Hover Camera Passport in the comments below.

Image Credit: Hover Camera Passport on YouTube

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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