Upcoming Ring Video Doorbell 3 Will Have a Few Upgrades

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There have been many complaints of the Ring Video Doorbell and Amazon handing over customer footage to local police departments in the belief it will help prevent crime. However, we’ve learned recently that it’s not all that helpful.

Despite that, Amazon is still forging ahead with plans to release Ring Video Doorbell 3. Leaked images from the product page for the device show that it will have a few upgrades.

Leaked Image of Ring Video Doorbell 3

Zatz Not Funny published a screenshot of the product page for the third version of the popular Ring Video Doorbell, only to later remove it, but not before The Verge was able to grab it as well. A highlight of the upgrades to the device is a “pre-roll” feature that shows four seconds of video before the motion alert is set off.

This feature is described as a “first-to-market feature for battery-powered doorbells and unique exclusively to Ring.” Zatz provided a clarification that other video doorbells do have the same early video feature, yet no other battery-powered video doorbells do.

News Ring Doorbell 3 Amazon

The photo on the product page looks very similar to the previous version of the Ring, but the faceplate will now be easier to remove. It will also have a “near” motion sensor, geared toward limiting false motion alerts. While only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is available on the second version of Ring, 2.4GH and 5GH Wi-FI will be available on the newer version.

Conspicuously, there is no mention of the Sidewalk networking standard that Amazon released last September or Apple HomeKit. It’s unknown whether the features didn’t rate enough to make the product page, they’re not going to be included, or whether the product page just isn’t complete yet.

Perhaps looking forward to the release of the Ring Doorbell 3, Amazon added a privacy dashboard to the app earlier this year. This allows users to manage their devices and allow them to control whether the police can request footage from their doorbell camera. It seems to be just in time for their new release.


Despite the product page being set up, yet not available when you search for it at Amazon, there is no known release date for the Ring Video Doorbell 3. No known price has been released either, but Zatz reported that it’s likely to be priced between $199 and $229.

If you already own a Ring, are you likely to upgrade to the Ring Video Doorbell 3? If you aren’t a Ring owner, will you buy this new version? Tell us below in the comments.

Image Credit: The Verge via Zatz Not Funny and Robert Nelson via Wikimedia Commons

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