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One of the most popular IoT applications is security. From smart cameras to door locks, the world of IoT is full of ways to secure your home.

One way to keep your doors secure no matter where you are is the igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S. This clever lock can do it all, even if the network it’s connected to goes down!

Who Are igloohome?

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igloohome is a Singapore-based company with over 80 employees. They’ve been making a sizable impression on the IoT world, with products sold in over 90 countries and ties with big travel companies such as Airbnb.

So what kind of features does their smart deadbolt have?

Multiple Unlocking Methods

Do you have some members of your family that want to upgrade to Bluetooth unlocking but others want to stick with the traditional lock and key? Thankfully, this deadbolt can do it all.

Igloohome Lock

If you want to unlock the deadbolt using the app, you can do so via a Bluetooth connection. Should you lose your phone or it runs out of battery, you can enter a PIN on the front of the lock. Should all else fail, the lock can be unlocked using a physical key.

Anti-Tamper Mechanics

If you have a PIN code securing your door, however, you may be worried about people on the outside tapping random codes in to see what works. Fortunately, there are measures in place to stop brute force entry.

Igloohome Door

For one, it only allows five incorrect PIN entries at a time. Once this occurs, the pad won’t allow any more entries for five minutes.

Moreover, you can tell the deadbolt to only allow PIN and Bluetooth entries at specific times. You can set it to let people in as they’re coming home from work, but disable the pad during the dead of night when everyone is asleep.

If someone tries to directly tamper with the device, it will sound an anti-tamper alarm to alert others of the break-in.

Syncs with Airbnb

Remember how igloohome is partnered with Airbnb? As a result of this partnership, you can sync the deadbolt to your Airbnb plans.

When you rent out your home to an Airbnb guest, the lock will automatically register this on your schedule and give the guest a unique PIN code to enter your home. Once one guest leaves and another arrives, the lock gives the new guest a brand new code, so the old guest can’t regain access.

Works Offline

Best of all, the deadbolt can keep itself going even if the network goes down. Don’t worry about being locked out of your home because your ISP went down; just use the lock as normal while you wait for the service to resume.

How to Get Your Own!

So, does the Deadbolt 2S sound like the perfect addition to your smart home?

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