Haier Smart Home Technology – Fully Connect Your Whole House with Smart Devices

Haier Smart Home Featured

In the CES Asia 2019, Haier, China’s electronic appliances giant, showcased their smart home technology, with interconnected products for all areas of the house. When used with the app, it allows you to control every single part of your house, remotely, instantly and intelligently.

Living room

The smart TV in the living room serves as the hub for all the products.

Haier Smart Tv


The smart refrigerator is the highlight with its integrated voice assistant and display that can show you recipes, healthy tips, display the food in the fridge and their expiration date. It also allows you to order food from the market.

Haier Smart Refrigerator


The smart mirror allows you to watch news, sports, or music videos while you are brushing or shaving.

Haier Smart Mirror

And yes, even the toilet bowl can be smart too. It can flush on its own and dry itself up quickly.

Haier Smart Toilet Bowl

Fully-integrated voice assistant

The good thing about a fully-integrated voice assistant is the ability to control every single thing in different areas of the room. For example, you can just say “the room is too hot,” and it will automatically turn on the air conditioning in the room and set to the desired temperature. Alternatively, if you are planning to shower in ten minutes, you can say “I want to shower in 10 minutes,” and it will prepare the hot water for you.

Haier Smart Washing Machine

Other showcased products include a smart washing machine, weight scale, curtain, robot cleaner, lighting, oven, etc.

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