Google, Adidas, and EA Work Together to Create Smart Insole Wearable

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The technology world is beginning to see that wearables can stretch further than wireless earbuds and watches. Perhaps you can fit that technology into anything that’s … wearable. Google, Adidas, and EA have the right idea, as they have created a smart insole wearable.

The smart insole is aimed at soccer players to track movements that you’ll be rewarded for. The data from the kicks and running you do on the soccer field tun into your rewards.

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The Adidas GMR smart insole wearable is powered by the Jacquard wearable technology by Google. It was previously used on Levi’s jackets and a backpack by Yves Saint Laurent.

When you buy the insoles, you’ll get an insole for each shoe, a Jacquard tag to put in the shoe you wear on your dominant foot, and a dummy tag that you put in the other shoe.

The Jacquard tag that was used in the previous products connected to your phone, allowing you to use the touch-sensitive fabric as a remote to take calls, listen to music, etc. The tag being used in the insole is the same yet doesn’t function the same.

The tag gets slipped into a pocket on the insole. It keeps track of your physical movement with machine-learning algorithms. While you play soccer, your kicks and running are recorded and then turn into in-game rewards on FIFA Mobile.

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Adidas is going after a similar market that Nike+ was after with its sensor that connected your iPod to your shoe as you ran and another that paired your basketball shoes to help you better your game.

The Jacquard tag connects to the Adidas GMR app and then links to FIFA Mobile to create your profile. This unlocks an event that offers new challenges each week, such as kicking a soccer ball a desired number of times or running a desired number of miles. Leaderboards allow you to see how you rank against others.

The Verge reports that the process of getting the movement data into the FIFA Mobile isn’t as smooth as it could be. You have to open up the GMR app to get the data from the tag, then open FIFA Mobile to bring the movement data into the game.

Also, it’s another device you need to keep charged. It’s designed to last for two or three full games, or about a week if you use the tag moderately. To charge it, you have to take the insole out of the shoe, take the tag out of the smart insole, and then charge it with micro USB. After it’s charged, you need to put it all back together again.


The Adidas GMR is available now for $40. It includes two insoles, the Jacquard tag, and the dummy tag.

Are you a soccer player? Do you think you would get use out of the Adidas GMR smart insole wearable? Let us know in the comments below.

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