Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet Employs Patented Solar-Charging Solution

In 2018 we wanted everything to be “smart,” both inside and out of our “smart homes.” This includes our wallets, with the Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet providing a wallet that has so much going for it, that there isn’t much not to like. Not only is it a smart wallet, but it employs a patented solar-charging solution, RFID, tracker card, and is probably slimmer than the wallet you’re carrying in your pocket right now.

Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet Features

The press kit for the Ekster wallet dubs it “an ultra-slim trackable wallet with instant card access.” It goes on to inform you you’ll never lose your wallet again. There’s nothing not to like there, right?

With an empty size of 0.15″ in thickness, it’s the slimmest smart wallet on the market, according to the manufacturers. It utilizes a tracker that slips easily into your wallet, disguised as just another one of your cards and not taking up much space.


The tracker card has Bluetooth connectivity, is compatible with both iOS and Android, has a range of 200 feet, and can be voice activated with both Google Home and Alexa. Just three hours of sunlight can charge the card to last a full month, meaning no battery and no charger or cable.

Additionally, with crowd GPS, you’ll be automatically notified of its most recent location and will receive a GPS update when a community member is in range. If you lose your wallet, the app can ring your tracker card, or the card can ring your app as well.

The Ekster smart wallet has an integrated card-slider mechanism that gives you access to your six most frequently used cards with one click of the trigger. The RFID protection will guard your wallet against electronic pickpockets to keep your wallet contents safe as well.



When you think about it, with as much as you use your wallet and as important as it is, carrying both your payment options and your identification, it should be safe, while it should be handy as well, and the Eckster seems to have thought of everything.

Currently, the Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet is still at the crowdfunding stage, though they have met more than 1500% of their crowdfunding expectations and are planning on delivery in May 2019.

What do you think of the technology being used in the Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet, between the solar power, tracker card, RFID, etc. Would you consider using a smart wallet? Let us know your thoughts and concerns on on it in the comments below.

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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