Will the Emergence of IoT Make the Internet Less Safe?

The new world of IoT seems very exciting at first glance. With all these new gadgets that can connect to the Internet, what tech enthusiast wouldn’t be keen to equip their home with the latest tech? People are kitting out their residences with everything smart, from cooking utensils to security systems.

While all this connectivity is very useful to users, it’s also a double-edged sword. If you can connect to a device from across the Internet, a hacker can, in theory, do the same. If the security is tight enough, it’ll keep the hackers at bay; however, what if the IoT world is proving to be less secure than we had hoped?

The Dangers of IoT

It’s not too long ago that we covered the man whose Nest cameras were hacked by a benevolent agent. While that specific hacker meant well, who knows what could have happened if a malicious agent got into the network instead?

This case is an example of how the Internet of Things can open up our homes to attackers. While it gives us control of everything within our house, it also gives hackers a window of opportunity through which they can gain information about where you live. More importantly, they can use the information to work out when you’re out and stage a robbery.

If a hacker manages to gain access to the control panel of a smart home, they can use the information to try to gauge if you’re in or not. If they notice that you have all the lights off in your home and the thermostat is down low, there’s a good chance that means you’re out. Should they gain access to the indoor cameras, they can even do a quick scan of the inside to see if anyone’s in.

The New Age of Hacking

This is the threat that the Internet of Things poses. Previously, hackers would “only” get access to your PC or mobile devices. I say “only” because even that can be devastating if sensitive data is being stored on the hard drive.

Now, the effects of a hacker can reach even further into the home. Instead of simply stealing data from devices, they can have control over the inner workings of your house. As more and more of our daily routine moves to the cloud, it increases the avenues hackers can use to do harm.

What You Can Do

If you’re feeling anxious about the Internet of Things and the avenues it gives to hackers, there are ways you can stop being hacked. Ensure your devices are set up with secure usernames and passwords, and only buy from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality.

At the very least, ask yourself what would happen if your shiny new IoT gadget was hacked by a stranger. If it would do irreversible damage, perhaps opt for offline variants instead!

Internet of Unsafe Things

Connecting everything to the Internet is a great convenience for both you and any potential hackers. As such, it can be a double-edged sword to allow insecure devices into your home. Always ensure you buy quality products, and do your part to avoid an attack.

Do you think the Internet of Things makes the Internet more dangerous? Let us know below.

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Simon Batt
Simon Batt

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