7 Useful Augmented Reality Applications to Use Around the House

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With smart home gadgets, your home becomes a reflection of your love for technology. What is even better are augmented reality (AR) applications that can help you become your own interior designer. Home decor companies are already pushing AR into the consumer space.

Imagine controlling the brightness level of your Philips Hue lights by sliding controls over an app rather than the actual bulb. Using the following AR applications, you can do so much more.

1. Houzz

Did you always want to try out your furniture before buying a new piece? Houzz, the home decor company, has AR apps for iOS as well as Android. Now, before buying a piece of furniture, you can simply take a picture and see how it will blend with your actual interiors. With a product catalog featuring eight-million pieces of furniture, you’re never too far from your ideal decor.

Houzz Mobile App Itunes
iTunes App for Houzz

2. IKEA Place

When it comes to furniture, IKEA is not far behind. It has its own AR app which is very similar to Houzz. However, what is different is a visual search feature which allows you to point your camera at any corner in your room, after which you get a corresponding match for IKEA furniture. The 3D app is available for both iOS and Android.

Ikea Place On Itunes
iTunes App for IKEA Place

3. Home AR Designer

Apart from furniture, many of us are keen on having a complete home design with internal modifications as needed. With Home AR designer you can modify color schemes, check out new floorings or countertops and adjust the environment for desired wall decorations.

Home Ar Designer
Home AR Designer at Play Store

Further, you can walk around the home to get a realistic feel of your target design. Configuration and interior decoration is really at your fingertips now.

4. Smart AR Home

Smart AR Home is one of the best apps to help you control smart devices around the home. Available for both iOS and Android, you can support the entire product inventory of Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings platforms. If you don’t have those smart devices presently, you can choose a demo mode which allows you to play with your surroundings.

Smart Ar Home

5. HoloLens

HoloLens by Microsoft is a next-generation application that helps you communicate with others. Although used by businesses, home owners can also enjoy the solution that combines AI with Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced camera lenses to give you a truly immersive experience.

You can see holograms and intricate details on 3D images, manage windows and boundaries and have 3D audio-visual tours of any smart device you want in the home. HoloLens2 was first introduced in Mobile World Congress, 2019.

6. CamToPlan

One of the biggest frustrations with interior design is always having to carry a measuring tape with you. With CamToPlan, available for both iOS and Android, taking measurements around the home is a breeze. You can measure the dimensions horizontally and vertically using your smartphone camera and become your own DIY handyman.

Camtoplan Screenshot
CamToPlan on Play Store

7. Hayo

If you want to control your home with gestures, Hayo offers the best experience. Virtually any object in your home or even “thin air” can transform into a virtual remote control. This is done using spatial analysis software, infra-red technology and Wi-Fi connectivity to turn on/off all the smart gadgets around the home.

Hayo Augmented Reality
Hayo Augmented Reality Device

Hayo is really the next step ahead of Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. Now you don’t even have to yell “Hey Alexa!” Simply gesticulate and all the devices around the house will run as you intend them to be.

This list includes a number of interesting applications and devices that support augmented reality. They take the Internet of Things to the next level because of the truly immersive designs and end uses. It can make our daily lives so easy that in the futur, we literally might not have to “lift a finger.”


Do you love AR? Let us know in the comments if you used any of these apps.

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