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So many people have trouble sleeping for one reason or another. You may have insomnia to where you lie awake in bed all night, you may have trouble staying asleep, or maybe you just can’t get comfortable at night. It’s also possible you have a bedmate who just can’t stand your snoring.

For all of those people, a smart, adjustable bed like the Layla Adjustable Base just may be the answer. It can help you get comfortable, help alleviate snoring, and can even relax you, giving you a massage until you drift off.

Layla Smart, Adjustable Bed

Remember those old commercials for the adjustable beds? This functions much the same, except that it will do more, such as helping with your snoring and massaging you, while also allowing you to adjust it from an app on your phone.

Once you finally fall asleep, you want to stay asleep. If you wake up and are uncomfortable, you don’t want to have to get out of bed to adjust it or fumble in the dark for those adjustments. But the Layla allows you to elevate your shoulders or your knees to change your position, and you can do that right on your phone or on the remote that’s included, if you so desire.

Perhaps your spine and muscles are sore. Switch the phone or remote to Zero Gravity Mode, and it takes the pressure off those areas of your body, allowing you to relax. If you sleep with the shoulders and knees up on the bed, it will ease the tension in your lower back, allowing better blood flow.

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You can also switch it to an anti-snore position so that your airway is more open, allowing you to breathe normally.

Dropped your phone or remote, can’t find it, and don’t feel like fumbling around in the dark? That’s okay because the bed also integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant. Just ask for your bed to be in a certain position, and it takes care of it for you.

If you sometimes secretly wish you had one of those old motel beds that vibrates, this bed will take care of that as well. There’s a motor that will vibrate to massage your head and/or feet, relaxing you and lulling you into a comfortable sleep. Don’t worry if you don’t want it to go on all night long, as you can set a timer for it to stop.

Even More Options

There are other options outside of the bed to help you at night as well. There’s no need to have a cord stretching clear across our room to charge our phone, as there are two USB ports on each side of the bed. Additionally, the bed has under-the-bed lighting that can aid you if you do want to find your phone or remote after you dropped it or if you just want a little guidance as you wander to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The Layla memory foam mattress has some great benefits as well. For one, it provides great sleeping temperatures with heat dispersion from a thermo gel. For another, one side of the mattress is soft, and if you flip it, you’ll find a more firm side, if that’s what you prefer.

Would the Layla Adjustable Base and mattress help you with your sleep issues? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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