Qualcomm Announces the Chips that Will Bring 5G to the Public

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We’ve talked a lot about how 5G will revolutionize IoT and what it can achieve. However, when will we actually get a taste of this new technology? As it turns out, pretty soon – so soon that we know what chips will be used!

The Flagship 5G Chips

Qualcomm has announced two chips which will form the backbone of the 5G mobile revolution.

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The first one is the Snapdragon 765. This processor is the weaker of the two and has a 5G modem built into the chip itself. As such, it uses less power than its brother and will be easier for phone manufacturers to put into their phones.

The second is the Snapdragon 865. This one is the more powerful of the two and will find itself in the high-end models of phones. It comes with a catch, however: Qualcomm couldn’t fit the 5G modem on the chip itself. This means phones with a Snapdragon 865 require a separate modem inside the phone which will increase bulkiness and battery drain.

You’ll find the Snapdragon 765 in cheaper models of phones. These are being picked up by Motorola and HMD, who are planning to bring 5G connections to people for less.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi and Oppo have their sights set on the Snapdragon 865. Even with the modem problem, they’re keen to make high-end phones that give the fastest 5G experience.

When Will These Chips Be Released?

You may not need to wait as long as you may first think. The first wave of Snapdragon 865 phones are aimed at a Q1 2020 release. It’s not clear when the Snapdragon 765 phones will be released, but it should also be in 2020.

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As such, Qualcomm is calling 2020 “the year 5G goes mainstream.” They aim to get 5G smartphones into the hands of the public in the coming year – and they won’t stop there.

According to their press release:

While this progress is impressive, Qualcomm Technologies’ work is far from done; we want to get 5G into the hands of everyone. One of our main focuses is supporting the capabilities that will make it possible for more operators to launch 5G faster. We recently introduced the Snapdragon Modular Platforms which offer a complete end-to-end solution and reduce 5G complexity for any of our OEM customers that want to incorporate 5G functionality into their devices. We’re also continuing the advancement of mmWave, massive MIMO, and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA), which is designed to bring 5G access to the “last mile” of connectivity. 

5G on the Horizon

With the announcement of these new chips and the subsequent adoption by smartphone manufacturers, it’s safe to say that 5G is not far away. By the first quarter of 2020, you should be able to hold a 5G phone in your nearest phone retailer!

Are you on the lookout for a 5G phone in 2020? If so, which chip do you think you’ll look out for? Let us know below!

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