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Here in the Midwest United States, we can run the gamut of weather from hot to cold, and it can make it difficult to sleep. Sometimes the bed is just too cold, and sometimes it’s just too warm. That’s why I used to love my waterbed: It had a temperature gauge on it that would heat the water up, or it could also be kept down to keep the bed cooler.

I miss that waterbed and having the desired temperature while sleeping. But I found that by using the Ooler Sleep System, I don’t miss the waterbed anymore. Essentially, the Ooler can do the same thing. It’s a mattress pad that heats or cools your bed with water that runs through it and can be set right from your iOS or Android phone.

Setting Up the Ooler

Review Ooler Unboxing

Truthfully, when you first unbox the Ooler Sleep System, it’s a bit unwieldy. It’s a bit monstrous and has rules of how far apart it needs to be from any objects. But once it’s in use, that initial first impression goes away. Climbing into bed for the first time when it’s set at your desired temperature is a great experience.

Review Ooler Unroll

After placing the mattress pad on your bed, simply roll it out to cover the area you’re sleeping in. You can get one to cover just the area you sleep in, you can get separate Oolers so that two people sleeping in bed can be comfortable at different temperatures, or you can get one larger Ooler to cover the areas that both people are sleeping in. It comes in Queen, King, California King, Half Queen, Half King, and Half California King.

It has a large hose coming from the end of the mattress pad. This can go at the head or the foot of the bed. I left mine at the foot of my bed only so that it would be better for picture-taking situations. It also has tubing running throughout the mattress pad for the water to run through. You can feel the tubing when you touch it, making you think it will be uncomfortable to sleep on, but you really can’t feel it when you’re sleeping on it.

Review Ooler Hose

Next, you’ll need to plug the hose into the back of the Ooler unit. While I was busying myself doing this, my dog just couldn’t wait to get started and hopped up on the bed and laid down on top of it. I should have snapped a photo. Now that it’s operational, he is always sleeping on my side of the bed.

Review Ooler Plug

Open the top of the Ooler unit and pour water in to fill it, then plug in the electrical cord and turn it on. You’ll need to periodically add more water to it as well.

Review Ooler Fill

Download the app to either your iPhone or Android phone. Once you open it for the first time, it goes through a few quick screens explaining the benefits of Ooler, then asks you to click the large “+” sign to add the unit to your phone. You will then need to hold down the power button on the Ooler for five seconds until you see the Bluetooth symbol on the display. Clicking on the serial number for the Ooler pairs it.

Review Ooler Add

This takes you to an image of the Ooler where you can change the name of it if you wish.

Review Ooler Name

Using Ooler

Once your Ooler is paired with your phone, you can use it to set the temperature, or you can also set the temperature directly from the unit. You’ll want to experiment to find the best temperature for you, whether you would like to be cool or warm. You can also set the noise level on it to be regular, silent, or “boost.” I find that the silent mode still makes a little noise, but not terrible. It’s not bothersome to us but is also not completely silent.

Review Ooler Temperature

You don’t have to keep the bed heated or cooled all day long. You can choose to only run it when you’re sleeping. The app has an option to set a sleep schedule for this purpose.

Review Ooler Schedule

Just like sleep apps on your phone, it will remind you when it’s time to go to bed, in case you’re up late gaming or watching Netflix. It lets you know it’s time to head to bed. It looks like I stayed up too late working on this review.

Review Ooler Notificaton


I’ve been looking for years to be able to have a bed that keeps me toasty at night, like my waterbed, and the Ooler Sleep System has ended my search. When it’s 90 F degrees in the summer, I won’t want to still have it set at 97 F, but I won’t need to. I can turn it down to a more comfortable level at that time.

I honestly did not think I would like it because of the tubes running through the mattress pad, the size of the tube hanging out of the bed, etc. But I have grown really attached to it, as has my dog.

Because of where I had to place it to get good pictures, I had to plug it in in the same receptacle as my hair dryer and Amazon Echo Show, so I have to unplug it while drying my hair every day, and my dog does NOT like me to turn it off. He pouts if I forget to turn it back on. Also, when I unplug it, it looses the Bluetooth settings, forcing me to have to re-pair it to use the app.

But right now, it’s 34 F degrees outside, and I cannot wait to crawl into bed with my Ooler Sleep System and my dog to keep me warm and toasty.

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