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For some people, coffee is life. Of course, maybe it’s not coffee. It could be tea or even soup. No matter what, most people have some sort of hot beverage that they count on to keep them running.

There are plenty of mugs and general vessels for liquids that will keep them hot. Yeti is one popular brand, as an example. The Cauldryn is essentially a Yeti on steroids.

What Does the Cauldryn Do?

At a base level, the Cauldryn Coffee Edition is an insulated mug that can keep whatever you put in it at a given temperature. Cold beverages will stay cool on their own. A built-in battery helps keep your hot beverages hot.

You can also do basic reheating and cooking with the Cauldryn. It can heat coffee, cook soup, and even boil water. With the right gear, you can even brew coffee or tea inside the Cauldryn.

Then there are the optional attachments. The Perk attachment lets you brew coffee and tea inside the Cauldryn without any additional equipment, while the Blender attachment does exactly what it says it does.

What Comes in the Box?

Open the box and the mug itself is the first thing you’ll see. The battery pack is inside as well, plus a power base that lets you set your mug down on your desk to keep it hot without draining the battery.

Cauldryn Review Accessories

You’ll also find a manual and the AC cable. At first I was puzzled as I couldn’t find the actual AC adapter, but it turned out this was placed inside the mug.

Getting Started

Setting up the Cauldryn is easy. Either place it on the power base or screw on the battery pack, plug it in, and press the button to supply power to the mug. You could just stop here, as you can control everything with buttons on the mug, but Cauldryn goes another step further.

Cauldryn Review App Options

The Cauldryn app is available for iOS and Android. Download it and it will connect to your mug over Bluetooth. Once this is set up, you can control the temperature or even use different cooking presets. This makes heating up soup at work super easy, for example.

How Well Does the Cauldryn Work?

Let’s start with the most important question first: How quickly does the Cauldryn heat up your beverages? It’s actually surprising how quickly the mug heats up. If your beverage is already warm, the Cauldryn will keep it warm easily.

The Cauldryn holds 16 ounces of liquid, which is plenty for coffee or tea but might be a little on the small side if you’re using it as a water bottle. On the plus side, this does help it heat more quickly.

Cauldryn Review Display Temp

Starting with cold water or soup, the Cauldryn will take a little longer to heat it up. Still, given the powerful heating element and the relatively small space that requires heating, it heats plenty fast. If you’re bringing lunch into your workplace, the Cauldryn will heat it up easily.

The Cauldryn Coffee Edition comes with a 2,500mAh battery pack, which the company says provides up to 10 hours of warming time. This is probably using the battery saver mode, which trades heating accuracy for better battery life.

I never actually got to the point of running the battery down from a full charge, so I can’t say whether it actually manages 10 hours. What I can say is that during my testing, it kept my coffee hot all day.

Cauldryn Review Battery Pack

The lid makes for easy sipping thanks to the slide-back opening. You can take the lid off, but it means that the mug has to work harder to keep yout beverage warm. You’re better off just leaving it on.

Should You Buy the Cauldryn?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a heated mug, the Cauldryn is one of the best options out there. It’s priced competitively compared to its competition, and the optional attachments take it from a simple mug to a portable kitchen. You may not need everything it does right away, but there are situations you’ll be glad to have the extra options.

While it seems to be aimed at commuters, that’s far from the only group that could find the Cauldryn Coffee Edition useful. If you’re a camper, for example, the ability to boil water is useful for not just cooking but for purifying potentially dangerous water. You’ll just want to make sure you charge the battery pack fully before you leave home with it.

In a case where your needs are more simple, you probably don’t need any sort of heated mug. An insulated mug may be all you need. I thought I was in that camp, but after trying the Cauldryn, it seems increasingly difficult to go back. That should be proof enough that the Cauldryn is absolutely worth its price.

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