Personal Robot Is Coming to Your House Soon

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Artificial intelligence is one of the highlights of CES Asia 2019, and plenty of robots have been walking around trying to catch your attention. With the advancement of AI, image and voice recognition, and the 5G network, having your own personal robot is a reality that will come sooner than you expected.

The following are some of the robots showcased in CES.


Personal Robot Temi

In the short encounter with Temi I was impressed with its ability to recognize your face and follow you around, or even dance with you. Temi allows you to connect to your friends, smart devices, media and video communications. With built-in support for Alexa (Tencent in China), you can also check on the weather, order food, turn on the lights, exercise, and enjoy high-quality music and video content (or whatever your Amazon Echo can do). Its indoor navigation system is superb, so you can get it to deliver stuff from room to room.


Personal Robot Padbot

Padbot is not meant for home use and is instead meant as an assistant for commercial events. It can be a by-host to welcome guests, converse with guests, and even entertain. It comes with an indoor navigation system, can wake up to receive incoming guests, and has a superb facial recognition technology that can differentiate between VIP guests and the crowd.


Personal Robot Liebao

This robot can be remotely controlled via app and is the perfect indoor guide. The one shown in the picture above was programmed as a librarian and can answer all your queries about books. It can even bring you to the location where the book is kept. Its facial recognition technology allows it to lock in on its target and follow them around as they move.

Are you looking to get your own personal robot soon?

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Damien Oh is the owner and chief editor of IoT Tech Trends