Paige Wireless and Nebraska Public Power District Team Up to Advance IoT

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Paige Wireless and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) will team up to accelerate IoT connectivity across the State of Nebraska.

With nicknames such as “The Great American Desert,” ” Tree Planter’s State,” and “Cornhusker State,” Nebraska is better known for its crops of corn, potatoes, soybeans, and oats than for being a tech-friendly hub.

But with its partnership with NPPD, Paige Wireless is looking to reignite rural America’s status as an epicenter for new, practical technologies that help industries, farmers, businesses, students, and communities succeed. The Paige Wireless-NPPD pact, to be certain, is demonstrating that tech is for the entire state – urban, suburban, and rural.

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According to a recent news release on the development, Paige Wireless, a wholly-owned division of Paige Electric, and NPPD want to accelerate the deployment of interconnectivity across the state for computing devices embedded in everyday objects via the Internet. What this will do is enable the sending and receiving of data. The Paige Wireless LoRaWAN network that already spans the state will facilitate this interconnectivity.

In fact, Page Wireless announced on Sept. 13 the deployment of their carrier-grade, public LoRaWAN network across Nebraska.

“The collaboration between Paige Wireless and NPPD will enable the use of breakthrough technology to deliver exciting new programs and services to our customers,” said Pat Pope, CEO of NPPD, in a statement. “We recognize the countless opportunities this technology brings to our great state and we are dedicated to maximizing its capabilities to best serve our customers.”

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NPPD added that it sees numerous applications including grid communications and security, advanced data collection for asset management, and efficient electrification of the economy since the technology also has the potential to facilitate broadband deployment in underserved rural areas through partnerships with local telcos, Internet service providers, and wireless Internet service providers.

According to Paige Wireless, its LoRaWAN network is beneficial to rural and urban environments. On the one hand, it can help farms by providing resources to help maximize resources and yield, driven by real-time data. On the other hand, it also has applications for the city. Between autonomous vehicles, smart buildings and offices, pre-emptive leak detection, and efficient water management, Paige Wireless said it wants to help create resilient, healthier, and safer cities.

Separately, Paige Wireless announced on June 6 that it has chosen TEKTELIC Communications as its supplier for wireless LoRaWAN network deployment. Paige Wireless selected LoRaWAN as its preferred wireless technology to support this initiative due to its low-power, long-range, and highly-scalable capabilities.

Image Credit: Paige Wireless Announces Partnership with NPPD to Accelerate Connectivity Across Nebraska, Paige Wireless LLC

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