Minut Makes Home Security More Private

Minut Makes Home Security More Private

Smart home security typically means installing cameras, speakers, sensors, and more. Your data is uploaded to the cloud, and your home is constantly being monitored. This can include hearing everything you say and seeing what you do inside and around your home. Minut wants to offer a different type of home security that’s a little more privacy-oriented.

Minut Smart Home Sensor

The Minut Smart Home Sensor is unlike other smart home devices. It’s a small sensor that doesn’t actually record anything. No audio or video is ever recorded or stored in the cloud or even locally.

Minut Makes Home Security More Private Product

While it’s designed mainly for short term monitoring, such as in a rental home or Airbnb, you can also use it inside areas of your home that you don’t want any personal data being stored. For instance, it’s a great security option for your bedroom or a child’s room.

The sensor monitors for noise, motion, and temperature. It does all this without a camera and without recording anything. However, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home if you want to integrate it with your smart home system.

How It Works

Minut does provide you with alerts and a dashboard for monitoring your alerts. At first, this might not seem privacy-oriented, but the only data that’s stored is the alert and basic details about the alert.

For instance, if a noise is heard, you’ll receive an alert about how loud the sound was and how long it lasted. You won’t actually get a recording of the alert. This is a compromise you make between security and privacy. The same is true for the motion sensor. You’ll be alerted that it was set off, but you won’t get a video of what set it off. However, if you no one is supposed to be in your home and the motion sensor goes off, you know something’s wrong.

Another unique benefit is the temperature sensor. Once you set your desired temperature range, you’ll be alerted when the temperature goes outside that range. This is a good way to see if the power’s out, your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, or you had guests that didn’t adjust the system before they left.

In addition to just random sounds, you’ll also receive alerts if your smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off. This alert will show differently so you know what it is.

Benefits for Home Security

The main benefit of the Minut Smart Home Sensor is no personal data is stored. Most home security systems store video and audio. They’re constantly watching and listening, which is their job. However, this also makes users worried that their privacy is being compromised.

Minut Makes Home Security More Private Benefits

Minut is only a sensor. It doesn’t have a traditional mic to record everything it hears. It simply measures the duration and level of sound. Plus, with no camera, there are no worries about someone hacking it and watching you in your own home.

For individuals, it’s a good complement to your other home security devices. In any area where you don’t want a camera or microphone, use Minut.

If you own rental property, rent your home when you’re out of town, or even have teenagers staying home alone, Minut works well to provide security and peace of mind for you. For example, if your teenager throws a party, Minut will definitely sense a sustained noise level above your customized threshold.

Cons of Minut

Despite the privacy aspect, Minut isn’t a full-home security system. If someone does break in, you’ll get an alert about the sound itself, but only if it’s loud enough. Plus, you won’t have any video for the police to help find the suspect.

The same is true for noise alerts. It’s hard to determine what is a problem if you can’t actually hear the sound. It could be someone breaking a window or your cat knocking over your favorite vase.

Trying Minut

Minut Makes Home Security More Private Trying Out

For a single user and home, monitoring is free. You can place it almost anywhere since it’s battery operated. Each device is $129, though there is a discount if you buy more than one at a time. If you want to use multiple units and even monitor multiple homes, it’s only $7.99 per month. This makes it an affordable security solution for more privacy-focused users.

If you need a home security system that is more comprehensive, you can try it with SmartThings.

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