Lifeflow Smart Jump Rope Combines Exercise and Health Monitoring

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Jump roping isn’t only for children. It’s been used as exercise for adults, especially boxers, for years. There’s no heavy equipment to lug around with you, yet it’s no less of an aerobic activity than others such as running.

Singapore IT company KaHa and their platform COVE® is introducing Lifeflow, a smart jump rope. You’ll be able to get all that same great aerobic activity while also monitoring your health, just as you would do with a fitness tracker.

Smart Jump Rope

“By merging technology with fitness tools like a jump rope or a smart fitness t-shirt, we are transforming how people manage their personal fitness by making it more convenient, effective, and fun,” said Damian Tay, vice president of Business Development of KaHa, in a press release.

When you combine the Lifeflow jump rope and the accompanying mobile app, you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate, hydration level, body temperature, oxygen consumption levels, and calorie burn. But along with health monitoring, you’ll also be able to monitor your activity, such as the skip count, speed, and intensity of your jump rope workout.

“Jump rope is one of the oldest and most accessible forms of physical ability that benefits the body and mind in many ways,” explained jump rope performer and world champion Adrienn Banhegyi.

“Lifeflow is a one-of-its-kind smart product that allows us to truly connect with the sport – to understand, explore and engage with it through technology.”

Banhegyi adds that the health and activity data “is excellent feedback and motivation to help me train effectively and understand my performance.”

News Lifeflow Jump Rope App

Research has shown that jumping rope will improve balance and coordination, as well as agility, cardiovascular health, posture, and even bone density. It’s also good for those working on their coordination.

Jumping rope burns 30 percent more calories than running while being better for the knees as well. Just seven minutes with a jump rope is equivalent to thirty minutes of jogging. Additionally, it’s a full-body workout and helps strengthen muscles.

Along with fitness enthusiasts, the jump rope workout is also good for dancers and taiji practitioners. Trainers and fitness instructors will benefit from the app, as it allows them to know the levels of their students’ workouts.

“With the launch of tech-integrated fitness equipment like Lifeflow, we hope to encourage more adults in Singapore to include jumping rope in their active lifestyles,” said Don Luis, the president and head coach of Jump Rope Federation Singapore.

“Jumping rope actually offers a wide range of physical benefits and can go a long way in keeping us healthy. Together with KaHa, we hope to spread this message to a wider audience.”

More Fitness Tools

Certainly, if they can employ health and activity monitors on a jump rope, they will be able to do it on other fitness apparatus. While you can already measure these things on machines such as treadmills and bikes, maybe they will come out with other fitness products such as exercise mats and the like that will allow the same functions.

Would this be a product you would use? Granted, it’s geared towards women, but men certainly like jumping rope for fitness as well. Tell us in the comments if this is a product you would get some use out of.

Image Credit: KaHa Press Release

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