How IoT Will Help Prevent Lost and Stolen Packages

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IoT can help in all areas of life. They can be huge, life-changing advances, such as medical and security technologies. However, they can also help the little things in life, such as making sure your Amazon package arrives on time.

IoT has the potential to prevent packages from being lost or stolen, or at least reduce the number that are lost or stolen. This includes enhancing the packages themselves, as well as making it easier for people to accept a delivery even when they’re out.

Tracking Packages in Transit

Right now, package tracking relies on checkpoints. A package has a barcode attached to it, which is scanned when it passes through a checkpoint in the delivery system. When this happens, the tracking details update to let you know where the package is.

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When the package is scanned and loaded into a delivery van to your home, the GPS tracks the vehicle and updates its location to your tracking service. This is how you get those special tracking maps where you can see the delivery make its way to your home.

Smart packages, on the other hand, won’t need to rely on checkpoints. These would have a GPS tracking system built in that would constantly update its location. As such, if it was lost or stolen, you would be able to see its exact location.

This sounds convenient enough, but one company took smart packages a step further. ParceLive doesn’t just track location, it also monitors the package’s orientation, environmental humidity, and shock. The recipient can view all these details on arrival to ensure the delivery went smoothly.

Keeping Delivered Packages Safe

This is great for keeping tabs on packages on their way to your doorstep, but how about while the package sits on your doorstep? One in three Americans reports that they’ve experienced package theft when the delivery was placed in front of their door.

Delivery Iot Doorstep

Go NokNok aims to fix this. It’s a flap that you implement into a door, sort of like a pet flap. The flap is always locked, but a deliveryman can unlock it by scanning the barcode of the package they want to deliver.

If the deliveryman doesn’t have a barcode, they can ring the doorbell. This then activates Go NokNok to take a photo and send it to your phone. If you trust the person, you can then tell the flap to unlock and allow the delivery to take place.

From Merchant to Door

IoT can help in many different areas of life, and delivery services are no different. In the future, you may receive a package with a smart tracker on it to let you know how many bumps it experienced on the way there. You may even have a package door installed too!

Do you think you’d make use of any of the above technology? Let us know below.

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