Facial Recognition to Come to Connected Car Introduced at CES 2019


Technology has been integrating itself into cars in ways other than autonomous cars for quite some time, be it navigation systems, music, voice assistants, etc. CES 2019 introduced Harman’s Premium Digital Cockpit and Computer Platform, a new connected car idea that integrates facial recognition and even monitors your driving.

Harman’s Connected Car

It’s not enough anymore to put a key into a car and just drive it – we want more. Some cars don’t even use keys anymore. That’s how much our driving experience is changing.

Samsung subsidiary Harman introduced a new in-vehicle system in a connected car. While it includes the usual information such as speed, gas level, and mileage, it also offers usual smart car features such as turn-by-turn navigation, a multimedia player, and feature menus. Additionally, it will use popular voice assistants like Google, Alex, or Bixby.


Ho-hum, right? Don’t worry, there’s more. Harman’s Premium Digital Cockpit and Computer Platform also includes a facial-recognition feature. This will monitor your driving, capture biometric data, and provide an integration of augmented reality with E-mirror surround view, contextual navigation, and profiles stored in the cloud.

This means you no longer have to sit down in the car after your spouse drove it last and spend ten minutes fixing mirrors and seat adjustments. Once you sit down in the driver’s seat, the car reads your face and automatically sets the car to your preferred settings.


While the voice assistant in the car would be nice, it’s not longer innovative to include that in anything, let alone a car. This one comes down to the facial recognition. Perhaps that could also be used to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

What are your thoughts regarding a connected car with Harman’s Premium Digital Cockpit and Computer Platform? Can you see a usefulness for the facial recognition? Add your thoughts to the comments section below.

Image Credit: Digital Trends

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