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By this point, most of us have had at least a brief introduction to smart devices. Most work in a network and connect via a variety of protocols. Eve Systems has developed the Thread protocol that works without a hub through HomeKit. Eve just dropped
three new devices for that work with Thread.

How Thread Works

Eve’s Bluetooth-enhanced accessories work with the Thread technology. Thread offers benefits “including making your home more responsive and robust – the only thing you need is [a] Home Pod Mini.

Eve Thread Network

The intention is for an improved connectivity between the accessories. HomeKit products can communicate through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Thread. Thread creates a mesh between the accessories – such as lights, thermostats, outlets, etc. – and can also communicate with each other without the need for a hub or bridge. If one accessory fails, the next one down the line takes over to relay the data packets.

As Eve explains: “Thread isn’t going to make Bluetooth redundant anytime soon, as Bluetooth is required for HomeKit over Thread.” You can use Eve products on their own without a HomePod Mini, But once you get one, you can enjoy them more with Thread.

Eve’s New Accessories

Eve has announced three new accessories that will all work with HomeKit over Thread.

Eve Thread Energy

Eve Energy: this product, meant for use in the U.S. and U.K., can become the router in Thread to relay data packets. The more Energy accessories you have on your network, the more stable your setup becomes. The release date for this will be April 6, and it will cost $39.95.

Eve Thread Weather

Eve Weather: weather trends are shown at a glance, and you can track outdoor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. This can be done on the display or your iPhone. It’s expected to be available on March 25 for $69.95.

Eve Thread Water

Eve Aqua: You can even take your Thread outside. This smart water controller can turn on your sprinkler when you’re at work or shopping and will handle shutting it off on its own. It works with your regular outdoor faucets. This product drops in about a month and will cost $99.95.

To control Eve Weather away from home, you’ll need a HomePod and either an iPhone or iPad.

Want to know more about connectivity protocols? Read on to learn how to choose the best connectivity protocol for your IoT devices.

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