Bosses Can Use Estimote Wearables to Track Employees

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It just can’t be said enough: we are entering into a very different time in our lives. The coronavirus pandemic has changed life across the world. One of those areas to change is the work fore. While some people are being forced to work from home, others don’t have that option. Estimote wearables are offering a solution that will track employees in the workplace, but not necessarily in the way or ways that you are thinking.

Estimote Solution

The company explains on its website how the Estimote wearables will work. Team members working together will use these wearables that will track not where they are necessarily or what they are doing but their close interactions with other people – in other words, conditions known to pass the coronavirus.

If an employee becomes symptomatic, a company can turn to the Estimote dashboard and quickly see who the other exposed team members may be who are at risk, who the symptomatic employee was in close contact with in the time since they were infected.

The waterproof and industrial-grade Estimote wearables are wirelessly chargeable and have a programmable panic button and LED status indicators. The LEDs inform them of a workplace status and buttons enable them to log their individual health status. With global network connectivity, there is no Wi-Fi required.

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These wearables come in three different forms: a “watch,” a tracker than can be worn on a lanyard, and a credit-card size that can be slipped into a pocket.


The website states you can schedule a demo of the Estimote wearables and also work with them to coordinate deployments of the wearables. This is something that could currently fill a need.

There are retail and warehouse workers who are complaining of not being safe. Both Costco and Amazon are fielding complaints from workers saying their lives are being endangered. Groups of them are testing positive.

Estimote wearables could help with that. Once one employee gets sick, they can quickly isolate them, learn where they were in the building lately and every person they were close to. It won’t solve it outright, as people will still be exposed. But it may tackle the feeling of helplessness, as at least it won’t be one after another. After the initial group has been exposed, they can be quarantined to save from infecting anyone else. It allows for there to be an end in sight.

This could help to answer the questions of whether IoT could be doing more to help fight coronavirus COVID-19.

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