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Since Apple AirPods were introduced, they have been copied by so many other companies. There are so many other cheaper alternatives to AirPods. People flock to them for the price, but they miss out on the real thing. The current offer on the Apple AirPods means you can get the real deal for less, although still a bit more than many alternatives.

Apple AirPods are easy to set up for all of your Apple devices. They automatically turn on and are automatically connected. A new Apple H1 headphone chip makes the wireless connection to your devices even quicker. They will seamlessly switch between devices.

The AirPods charge quickly in the case they come with, and the case itself can be charged using its Lightning connector. The combination of these charging methods allows you to listen and talk all day with the AirPods.

1. You’ll get more than 24 hours listening time and up to 18 hours of talk time with the multiple charges from the case. From one single charge, you’ll get up to five hours listening time and up to three hours of talk time. Just 15 minutes in the case equals up to three hours of listening time or up to two hours of talk time.

You can access the Siri personal assistant just be saying, “Hey, Siri.” Double-tap them to play or skip forward.

While the Apple AirPods retail for $159, you can get them now for just $129.98. Amazon Prime subscribers can get them shipped the same day.

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