Could IoT Be Doing More to Help Out in Era of Coronavirus?

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I sat down today to write an article of what IoT could be doing to help out in the era of coronavirus, thinking it is such a wide platform, there has to be more the Internet of things could be doing to help, but every time I think of a way to help, I realize IoT can already do that.

Existing Ways IoT Helps

We’ve listed some ways here already on this website. There have also been some that have been mentioned at Make Tech Easier.

Oura Rings are tracking COVID-19 symptoms in current users and hospital staff. They’ll use that data to create a device that will show early detection, with a belief that the disease will be back in the fall.

Data from Kinsa smart thermometers is being explored and added to a “seasonal illnesses” map with the belief that the atypical levels indicate where COVID-19 is spreading. However, the data doesn’t necessarily support that.

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Apple has added a questionnaire to Siri to diagnose coronavirus COVID-19. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of medical advice and diagnoses, but it could help if you’re anxious and want to know whether there’s a chance you have the disease. Artificial intelligence is also being used with the hope that voice samples could determine whether you have the disease.

Smart home devices can already help you stop spreading bacteria. These include smart faucets, smart air purifiers, and smart locks that save you from having to touch them and pick up harmful germs. If you’re worried that your smartphone has picked up germs, you can clean it with a phone sanitizer.

Tesla, maker of cars with autopilot, it taking time off from its business. He was asked to make some needed supplies. He said on Wednesday the company will use a Buffalo, New York, facility to make ventilators that are in short supply. Apple is chipping in too. The company donated 10 million protective face masks.

Other Ways IoT Can Help

So companies are chipping in to provide non-IoT items, are creating devices, quizzes, and voice technology to detect coronavirus sooner, are allowing you to not touch things as often, and are even sanitizing your phone.

What are we missing though? There has to be a way that IoT technology can help out even more. Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

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Laura Tucker
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