Use the Circular Wellness Smart Ring for Insights on Your Daily Health

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Fitness trackers are becoming known for doing more than just counting your steps – they can also more completely monitor your health. There’s so much information in just that little band.

Another wearable is even smaller than the fitness bands and watches you wear on your wrist. The Circular wellness smart ring provides insights on your daily life, correlating day and night data and offering personal recommendations to lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Circular Wearable and App

The Circular wellness smart ring offers much more than a fitness tracker, as it manages your daily health. It tracks how you respond to activities, your daily choices and body rhythms, and offers personal insights and recommendations to help you improve your lifestyle.

It will analyze that data for you, providing insights instead of just measuring metrics and providing data. It focuses on how you respond to your daily activities, daily choices, and daily rhythms, offering personalized recommendations. But it’s also fashionable and comfortable, while discreetly tracking your lifestyle and giving you insights.

“A lot of the wearable devices that we see are too bulky, too gadget-looking, lack personalization, and present users with raw data without telling them how to use it,” said Circular CEO Amaury Kosman. “As wearable users ourselves, we wanted a device that would not only be more personal but would also use the data it found to help make recommendations for an overall healthier lifestyle.”

It works with an accompanying mobile app to provide customizable features to help analyze and improve select areas of your daily life. This includes the noninvasive and silent Smart Alarm that studies your sleep and wakes you up at just the right time using vibrations. The “Sleep Tracking” feature analyzes your body’s signals during sleep to keep track of efficiency while improving your sleep quality.

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The app also features “Activity Tracking” to keep track of your physical activities measuring activity recognition, activity intensities and volumes, step counter, heart-training zone, oxygen levels, and more.

“Wellness Monitoring” provides day and night advanced cross analyses. The smart ring even includes its own AI assistant, Kira, to give you smart insights that are tailor-made just for you by analyzing your data.

“At circular, the idea was to create a device that would be your everyday life companion — from the beginning of the day by waking you up smoothly with a smart alarm to a sleep analysis,” explains Kosman.

“We also wanted a device that could help combat sleep inertia to help with a user’s sports sessions with deep activity metrics and unique insights, to even getting notifications directly on your finger. Everyone is unique. Whether it is in terms of lifestyle, fitness, thoughts, choices, recovery, health, or sleep patterns. We wanted a wearable that would fit seamlessly in everyday activities and that would help users reach their goals.”

Circular Availability

The Circular smart ring is available now on Kickstarter, starting at $199. It has custom outer shells to fit any situation. This waterproof, scratch-resistant wearable is offered in seven ring sizes, ranging from U.S. sizes 6 to 12. It weighs just four grams and includes built-in data storage. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

Do you think the Circular wellness smart ring could provide useful insights on your daily health? Voice your opinions in the comments below.

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