4 Tips to Building a Smart Home on the Cheap

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The idea of an automated home is appealing to some, but the high potential cost is desirable to no-one. Fortunately, there are ways you can build a smart home on the cheap.

Here are some ways to save yourself some money.

1. Look for Deals

If you look around, you’ll often find deals that give out smart hubs for cheap or for free. Back in October 2019, you could get a free Google Home Mini if you were a premium member. You can also get home hubs by taking insurance deals.

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As such, if you’re a little short on cash, try to capitalize on a cheap or free deal on a home hub. Black Friday, clearances, free deals – you name it. Hubs often go on sale, so pick one up when you can save some money.

2. Stick to One Home Hub

Before you purchase a hub, it’s worth looking into which brand you want to pick. It’s worth looking into gadgets you want to attach to your hub and see what they’re compatible with, then get the hub that’s compatible with all of them. The most common ones are Google Home and Amazon Alexa, though Apple HomePod can be a good choice if you only use Apple products.

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If you get a hub without considering what you want to put on it, you may find your desired gadgets don’t work with what you picked. To be cost-effective, it’s best to pick the one that’s compatible with the devices you want to use.

3. Don’t Make Everything Smarter

With a smart hub ready to go, you may be tempted to turn your entire house into a smart home. However, buying a lot of smart devices is a good way to destroy your bank account – especially if the novelty wears off after a week, and you never use it again.

It’s best to start with a few smart gadgets and use them for a while. See which devices you like using and which lost their shine and sit unused. This will teach you what you want from your smart devices and stops you from buying IoT gadgets for the sake of having them.

4. See Smart Homes as a Long-Term Project

If you’re excited to turn your home into an automated paradise, you may be tempted to jump in head first. However, a smart home isn’t something you purchase in one night.

When you invest in a smart home, you should take it easy and feel out what you want from the home. Do your research on the best solutions to fix your problems, and don’t buy a product unless you’re absolutely certain it does what you want.

Take your time and don’t overspend on your IoT gadgets. See your home as something that evolves over time rather than something you can fix up in a day.

Smart Home, Smart Spending

Smart homes can be a big investment, but there are ways you can reduce the cost. See if you can get home hubs for cheap (or free!), then only purchase what you need and take your time.

What budget smart home tips do you have? Let us know below!


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