8 of the Best Raspberry Pi 3 Cases

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Just because your PC is mini doesn’t mean it can’t go big on its looks. If you want your Raspberry Pi 3 to look its absolute best, you can pick up a case for a cheap price. They’re not just for looks, either; they also protect the unit and can sometimes feature ventilation to keep things cool.

Here are the best Raspberry Pi 3 cases you can get.


Best Raspberry Pi 3 Cases Flirc

The Raspberry Pi 3 can get a bit toasty if you’re gaming, Photoshopping or doing other strenuous activities. The FLIRC case resolves this by being a great heatsink made out of aluminium core. It looks very nice too with its minimal silvery design – perfect to prop next to your living room TV as a media center.

2. Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Raspberry Cases Official

Let’s start off with the official case for the Raspberry Pi 3. If you’re after the real deal, this one comes at a solid price and works well to boot. It has multiple removable panels so you can house your Raspberry Pi with ease.

3. KuGi Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Raspberry Cases Kugi

If you’d still like to see the inside of your case, try this one by Vostrostone. It’s very cheap and has a tactile clear case, and even comes with two heat sinks to help keep the heat off!

4. Enokay Case

Raspberry Cases Enokay

This attractive case comes in two different colors, as well as a see-through option. It’s easy to attach around the Raspberry Pi, and the design keeps it well-ventilated to prevent overheating. The case is screwed on tight to keep the unit secure during transit.

5. Touch Screen Case

Raspberry Cases Touch

The above options should satisfy anyone with a tight budget, but what if you’re looking for a little something more? This case by Jun-Election adds a touchscreen to the mix for even greater control over your Raspberry Pi. It also acts as a solid case for your Raspberry Pi to keep it safe from the elements.

6. Smraza Case with Accessories

Raspberry Cases Smraza

Why stop at just the case? For those who want the full works with their purchase, this one has a nice collection of accessories for a good price. With each case comes a 16GB Micro SD Card, three passive heatsinks, a fan, a 39-inch HDMI cable, and an On/Off switch. Perfect for anyone who wants a running head-start with their case!

7. iUniker Case with Cooling Fan

Raspberry Cases Iuniker

If you’re only concerned with the temperature of your Raspberry Pi, this case is a good affordable option. It’s a nice-looking case and comes with two passive heat sinks and a cooling fan. Other than that, it’s a no-frills case that’s easy to put together and comes at a great price. The fan is even whisper-silent!

8. 4-Layer Stack Case

Raspberry Cases Stack

More than one Pi? No problem! This case by iUniker can fit four Pis in a single stack for easier management. The case has open sides to keep each Raspberry Pi from overheating, and if that’s not enough, each layer comes with its own fan for added cooling.

It comes in both a clear design and a sleek brown color. All this comes at a similar price than if you bought four individual cheap cases!

Easy as Pi

Raspberry Pis are great devices, but keeping them safe and cool is another matter entirely. Thankfully, there are solid, affordable ways to protect them, as well as some pricier options that come with some great luxury options.

Which case do you like most? Let us know below.

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