Autonomous Travel Suite Operates Like “Hotel on Wheels”

Self-driving vehicles have been slow to come on the scene, despite many tech and auto companies working on the technology. They’re being used in a few circumstances for deliveries, but not much more.

However, Autonomous Hotel Chain is taking the tech in a different direction. It’s still “delivering,” but it’s delivering people. And this isn’t ride-sharing either. This is travel-related. The Autonomous Travel Suite is a “hotel on wheels.”

Autonomous Travel Suite

People who enjoy camping are familiar with mobile homes or campers: either trailers that are pulled behind another vehicle or separate vehicles that you can drive and set up in a separate location with all the comforts of home.

But the Autonomous Travel Suite mixes technology in with that idea to provide a vehicle that is self-driven and transports people to their destination while allowing them to move about inside the vehicle as it drives, rather than sit buckled in.

The Suite provides customers with door-to-door service between a person’s home and their travel destination in an environment that resembles a small hotel room. It includes a place to sleep, work, and even use the washroom. With the autonomous driving technology, it does all the traveling for you.


The operations and services of the Autonomous Travel Suite are controlled through a central platform. An app allows travelers to choose their destination and the services they need, and the suite will be customized to their needs and desires.

The interface then analyzes the route to choose the best one and communicates with other facilities to find the requested services.

Autonomous Hotel Chain

These suites are run through the Autonomous Hotel Chain. This is a network of hotels that operate as stationary “parent units” to the suites. They offer the amenities that can be added to the ride, such as consumables, meeting rooms, a spa, pool, housekeeping, etc.


The facilities can be booked singularly for their services. There are also self-driven service vehicles that can meet up with the travel suites to provide amenities and fresh batteries. The suites can also dock into the hotels.


This concept is proposed as a way to answer the questions regarding long-range travel in autonomous cars. Sure, you can take a traditional self-driving car on vacation, but who wants to just sit in a car buckled in for that long? Why not have a travel suite that allows you to sleep comfortably, get work done, eat a meal that isn’t fast food, etc., and one that will adjust to your needs?

What do you think of the idea behind the Autonomous Travel Suite? Would you be interested in traveling in this manner? Add your thoughts to this idea in the comments.

Image Credit: Aprilli Design Studio

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