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Do you want the help of Alexa but don’t want to pay the high price of an Echo smart speaker because you have no use for the music feature? You should consider the Amazon Echo Flex is a budget mini smart speaker that allows you the use of Alexa without the high price.

This small little device can be plugged in, allowing you to get the use of Alexa wherever there’s an electrical outlet. You can do all the familiar Alexa queries, including asking for the weather, the traffic, directions, your calendar, reminders, etc. And of course, since it’s Alexa, that means you’re still open to all those great skills.

Additionally, you can manage your Alexa-enabled smart home products, including lights, thermostats, security cameras, robot vacuum cleaners, etc., with the help of Alexa. Again, the Amazon Echo Flex allows you to do everything you normally would on an Echo smart speaker – all of it except play music.

An addition to the Flex is a built-in USB port. This means you aren’t really adding yet another thing that needs to be plugged in since you can charge your phone or other device right from the Flex.

You can buy the Flex now at $5 off for just $19.99.

Amazon Echo Flex

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